Product designer focused on creating intuitive and shippable user experiences through the intersection of design + code.

Selected work


Decision automation for enterprise retailers.



Improve home comfort with heat loss maps.



Visualize a year-long travel journey.


Money After Grad

Live a healthy, wealthy, and happy life.



Discover nearby courts for outdoor sports.


H Weds A

Share pictures from event photo booths.


Latest articles

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  5. Developing HEAT Scores from high-res airborne thermal imagery

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Bilal Karim

I love building products that result from my curiosity and passion for solving problems. I’m proud and fortunate that some of these products have been recognized by MIT, and featured in Google, Techvibes, Metro News, and CBC. More importantly, I have a strong ability to lead and manage the entire product design lifecycle—from conception to completion and beyond—while focusing on the user first for both consumer applications and enterprise-level products. I’m a high-performing, creative, and ambitious individual who takes ownership in delivering results while working in fast-paced and collaborative environments.